Get linkifiers

List all of an organization's configured linkifiers, regular expression patterns that are automatically linkified when they appear in messages and topics.


Usage examples

#!/usr/bin/env python3

import zulip

# Pass the path to your zuliprc file here.
client = zulip.Client(config_file="~/zuliprc")

# Fetch all the filters in this organization
result = client.get_realm_filters()

curl -sSX GET -G \


This endpoint does not accept any parameters.


Return values

  • filters: ((string | integer)[])[] An array of tuples, each representing one of the linkifiers set up in the organization. Each of these tuples contain the pattern, the formatted URL and the filter's ID, in that order. See the Create linkifiers article for details on what each field means.

Example response

A typical successful JSON response may look like:

    "filters": [
    "msg": "",
    "result": "success"